President- Katie Barnfield

​​Vise President- Beth Cook

Secretary- Judy Cook

Treasurer- Katie Carminito

Giving Liaison- Melissa Amato

Historian- Cristy Jenkins

Donation Coordinator- Lisa Ditty

Community Outreach- Christine Dambach

Marketing- John Ditty

Media Coordinator- Crystalyn Shea

Board Member- Chris Baxter

"Aubrielle's Hope" is a 501c3 nonprofit that was started in memory and honor of Aubrielle Hope Cook. Aubrielle was born on April 13, 2016. She lived for only 7 hours, but her life made an impact on thousands of other lives through the sharing of her story by her mother, Beth Cook. Her story was shared and viewed by over 600,000 people on her facebook page. But, that wasn't enough. Inspired by the vision of her beloved aunt, Katie Barnfield, "Aubrielle's Hope" was created. Katie wanted Aubrielle's life to have a lasting legacy. She envisioned supporting families as they traveled the same difficult path that she had been down with her family surrounding the passing of Aubrielle. With that, "Aubrielle's Hope" was formed. Our mission is to be one glimmer of hope and love in a devastating situation of loss. With the mounting bills that come with NICU stays, medical interventions, and funeral expenses, it is our goal to alleviate some of that burden by offering grieving families monetary donations to take some of the strain from the cost of funeral, cremation, and burial expenses. In this way, our precious Aubrielle will be remembered and her life will be used to make a difference, like the difference she made in all of our lives in only 7 perfect hours. 

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​Aubrielle's Hope™​  aid for burials, cremations and funerals after the death of a child

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