​Aubrielle's Hope™​  aid for burials, cremations and funerals after the death of a child

Employee Match

Ask your employer if they offer donation match for 501c3 nonprofits.


​Do you shop at Amazon? If you do, you can help us raise money just by shopping online. Go to smile.amazon.com, login using your amazon account and select Aubrielle's Hope as your charity (type our name into the search bar). Then everytime you shop, make sure to use amazon smile. Amazon gives the charity you choose a percentage of their profits from every sale. This does not cost you anymore money and your amazon account stays the exact same! All you need to do is use smile.amazon.com to shop.

United Way

If you're employer gives fund to United Way, you can elect to have your donations go to Aubrielle's Hope. Contact your Human Resource department to ask how to make your donations go towards Aubrielle's Hope.

Make a Donation

​You can make a donation by:

- Sending a check or cash to PO Box 1642, Nashua NH 03061

- Use your credit/ debit card to give a donation through PayPal

Bank Of America

​Aubrielle's Hope is an approved nonprofit through Bank Of America for matching donations. If you work for Bank Of America, ask about matching donations from Bank Of America.