​Aubrielle's Hope™​  aid for burials, cremations and funerals after the death of a child


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​​​Aubrielle's HopeTM partners with funeral homes in NH. We work with the funeral home to provide financial aid for funerals, cremations and/or burials to families who have lost a child under the age of five. Money is given directly to funeral homes (or other businesses involved in the funeral, burial or cremation) and put towards the families bill.

Losing a child is very stressful for families, they should not also have to worry about paying for a cremation, burial or funeral during that time in their life. 

How families get help

Aubrielle's HopeTM connects with funeral homes to provide families financial support for families.

mission & vision

To  provide finanical aid to NH families with the cremation, burial and/or funeral for a child that passes away under the age of five.

What we Do